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Arena Sewing is renowned for its prototyping and manufacturing of high-quality Military, Ultralight, Tactical, & Outdoor Bags, Backpacks, Cases, & Carriers. Our Clients and DOD partners are some of the best in business. If your tactical business is needing to design a simple light weight carrier or protective gear for the front lines, Arena Sewing can produce your DOD funded project within the requirements of Berry Compliance. In most cases, the textiles and fastenings we use exceed strict military specifications. When it comes to Ultralight material & manufacturing, Arena Sewing is Dyneema’s Go-To Manufacture for Ultralight Backpacks, Soft Goods, and more.

We pride ourselves on our quality and USA production, and we know how important that the products we manufacture perform, withstand the elements, and stand the test of time. Speak To Arena Specialist now to discuss your bag or backpack idea, and we’d be happy to get you a manufacturing quote.

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Products we've made

Backpacks, Harness Systems, specialty equipment cases and carriers, plate carriers, trauma kit pouches, Berry compliant equipment, hunting packs, binocular cases, chest rigs, ultralight gear, tents, tarps, rifle and pistol cases, optics cases, rifle slings, shell holders, fishing packs, radio pouches, arm/leg mounts, rain covers, hydration packs, soft tackle boxes, working animal vests, and thigh rigs.

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