Our Production Process Is Based On 40 Years Of Industry Experience

The Arena Sewing Team has 40+ years of combined experience servicing a wide range of industries and products, but we love to make all kinds of Bags, Cases, Pouches, & Ultralight Backpacks. We know that every job is unique. No matter where you are in the development or process, our Arena Sewing Specialists are available to provide direction and answer any questions you have about materials, process and production costs. Below is a breakdown of our Production Process - Feel free to with any questions.

  • Research & Planning

    Speaking with a member of our team is the first step in the process. Once we've determined how far along you are with designs and prototypes, we'll then develop a road map for production. We will advise and direct you through pattern making and materials sourcing. From there, we'll have everything we need to complete a production ready sample and formalize a Bill of Materials and the costs of production.

    Depending on what stage your project is in, research and planning could take 2-3 weeks.

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  • Development & Testing

    New product samples can take from 2-4 weeks to perfect.

    Once you've received your production sample, we’ll begin working on final revisions and adjustments. Changing your mind at this stage is fairly common. If we're needing to rework the patterns and designs, additional charges will apply.

  • Bulk Production

    Scheduling the production run so that we are able to meet your deadlines happens next. We can coordinate the material purchases and shipments for you or you can manage the process yourself. If Arena handles this step on your behalf, we will add an additional 25% handling fee to the wholesale cost our vendors charge for each component or fabric roll.

  • Materials & Planning

    Upon arrival to our facility, all materials are counted, cataloged, inventoried and monitored throughout the production and storage process. We carefully check all shipments for consistency, damage, defects and shortage.

  • Manufacturing

    Orders are placed on our floor for production only after all components and materials are received and inventoried. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted production process which is essential to guaranteeing an efficient and accurate service. Your product will be inspected at each stage to ensure we're complying with your expectation.

  • Packaging & Fulfillment

    Arena can pack and drop-ship bulk orders and ensure your cartons or pallets arrive, well packed and on-time. In some cases, Arena can support FBA prep, packaging, fulfillment and storage. This requires a more detailed conversation with your Arena rep.

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"Our high quality standards are driven by our commitment to lean manufacturing and a pursuit for perfection"

  • Roll Goods

    We use and stock thousands of different types of fabrics that come off a roll.

  • Die Cutting

    Increases cutting efficiency and uniformity for your components.

  • Narrow Goods

    Products usually require smaller quantities of these materials, placed in specific locations.

  • Stack Cutting

    Stack cutting enables us to cut multiple layers simultaneously and maximize material yields.

  • Material Preparation

    We prep and inventory all components before sewing to ensure your project is completed correctly and on time.


If you have production ready samples and patterns, let's get going on pricing your material and labor costs.

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